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Posted by on Sep 19, 2011 in Uncategorized | 13 comments

Guest Post: A Mad Girls Love Song

Today our guest post comes from A Mad Girls Love Song. Sean Marie is a lovely mommy to be and I am so glad that I got to meet her through blogging. When you get a chance please check out her blog.

Hi there! I’m Sean Marie, a wife and mama to be growing more and more everyday- both physically and spiritually. I’m excited to have a guest post here on Terri’s blog! I love any opportunity to talk about pending motherhood and my personal journey because this is such a new and exciting time in my life. Even before conception begins, most women have expectations of what to anticipate when they do become pregnant. These assumptions are usually based off of the typically portrayed pregnant woman. Tired, mood swings, and definitely weird cravings. I’m here to tell you about my own expectations vs. reality.

The first few months: My first pregnancy symptoms didn’t raise any questions in my mind because they were typical of those that came along with my “monthly gift”. Sore breasts, cramps, and very crabby. My husband and I had started trying for a baby just a few short months before and I was eager to take a pregnancy test despite being certain at any moment I would begin my menstrual cycle. I took a test and it was positive! I was so excited about the news but knew there was a long road ahead. I expected to be nauseous and to have morning sickness since this is very common in the first trimester. I actually never got sick once but did have some trouble with nausea. All those symptoms lasted only a couple of weeks though. Instead of just thinking I was lucky I thought something was wrong when they disappeared and called my doctor, frantic. Even with all the reassurance in the world the paranoia didn’t subside. Within weeks of each other I was calling my doctor again and again, constantly thinking there was a problem and going in for an exam. Each time everything was okay and I was relieved.

The second trimester: After the first trimester was over I started to feel better and the delusions passed for the most part. All I could think about was marking the days off of the calendar to my big sonogram appointment when we would find out the baby’s sex! My intuition told me that we were going to be having a baby boy. In fact, I felt so sure of this that I almost accepted this idea as being factual. Not that I didn’t know it was a possibility but when the sonographer let us know it was a girl I was pretty surprised. The thought of a little girl made my heart melt and I cried tears of joy as I looked at the black and white image of my daughter on the ultrasound machine. I’ve always been very emotionally sensitive and believed pregnancy would only intensify things. Not only did I think I would be more weepy but I thought I would turn into a hormonal she-devil. I have found quite the opposite though. I am actually a lot more relaxed as far as my personal relationships go. I think it has to do with me realizing what’s important in life and letting go of all the little stuff that I used to be so engulfed with before.

The third trimester: Technically I have only been in the third trimester for a few weeks but it seems like the time up to this point has flown by. I thought I was in for a much longer, bumpier ride. I still have ten more weeks to go and have my outlook on what the next few weeks will be like. I know the last trimester is the hardest for a lot of women because they’re so uncomfortable. My belly takes up a lot of space and like I said, I am growing more and more everyday. I can feel the weight of my little girl pressing on my organs, muscles and spine. I occasionally get very minor heartburn, am exhausted 90 percent of the time, have some new stretch marks and am ashamed to say that I’ve peed myself more times then any grown woman should. All in all this has been a really great experience that has changed so much. I really look forward to becoming a mother and meeting the little one who has been growing along with me.

So, what were your expectations while expecting?



  1. Thank you so much Sean Marie for such a wonderful guest post.

    I think everyone has some sort of expectations when trying to get pregnant and during their pregnancy.

    Mine was thinking I would be ok during my very first pregnancy. My mom and sister both never had a miscarriage but I did. I really thought something was wrong with me. I found out during my very first ultrasound at around 8 weeks. There was a sack but no baby. It was very emotional for me. So every pregnancy after that I was terrified of the very first ultrasound.

    Also I suffered with secondary infertility. I had a hard time getting pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd child. Somehow by the time we got around to having my 4th he was the easiest for me to get pregnant with. I have learned God has his own timing for things.

  2. Hi Sean Marie,
    My kids were born so long ago that they didn’t even do testing other than a blood test and regular monthly exams!( my last birth was 27 years ago) I like you was pretty sure of the gender of my children and was right both times.(oh yeah!)

    I hope you’re really enjoying the last ten weeks of your pregnancy. I remember really being READY the last four or so weeks with the first one since I didn’t really know what to expect, but the doctor would just smile and send me home. Then i went on a cleaning jag followed by my labor -its supposed to be an old wives tale but it’s true!

    It really is a magical time, enjoy it and I wish you and your family many blessings.

  3. I wish you well on the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Loving your blog. Following back from the exposure 99% blog hop.thanks for linking with us.

  4. following you now and thanks so much for visiting my blog. please follow back if you don’t already. thanks again!

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