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Posted by on Apr 18, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

What I am Wearing Wednesday…

Once again I am going to dive into something new for my blog. I am going to start a What I am Wearing Wednesday.

A little background on why I decided to start this. I decided to start this because I also just started my own business selling lia sophia jewelry. If you have not heard of lia sophia then you should go check out my site and learn more about lia sophia.

So I am going to start posting what lia sophia jewelry I am wearing, how much it is and how much you could get it for. So let’s start off with this photo…

I am wearing the Bubble Bath necklace which sells for $88 and Caleigh earrings which sell for $28.00. This month with lia sophia you can buy 2 pieces at regular price (being your cheapest) items and get up to 4 pieces half off (being your most expensive items).

So if I were to buy two earring that were around $28.00 I could get the necklace for $44. Also I could get 3 more pieces for half off. So that is a pretty awesome deal. Also this jewelry has a life time guaranteed on it. If you break it or a child breaks it then you can get it replaced.

So there is my longer than normal post. I will have this post shorter the next time I do this.


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