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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

Trivia Party Starters Review and Give Away

Are you looking for a new way to liven up a baby shower, birthday, Super Bowl Party, couples date night in or girl’s night in?  Then you should check out Trivia Party Starters.

Trivia Party Starters is a great way to get a conversation started, get you thinking and having fun all at the same time.  You get 20 napkins in a package and there are 2 questions on each. That is a total of 40 questions you can ask your guests.

So let’s learn a little more about Trivia Party Starters:

We love Trivia and when we created our exciting lineup of Trivia Cocktail Napkins, we saw firsthand that a lot of other people liked Trivia too!

Our product is a great way to get people talking to each other about the questions and the answers and who knows where the conversation goes from there. Sometimes when you have a party it takes a little time to get the conversation rolling.

Our Business

We are in the business of creating laughter and excitement no matter what the occasion. Let us help the party get started! 
Our Trivia Party Starters get the conversation going right away. We have organized the Trivia by subject group so you can pick and choose the subjects that interest your guests for the evening.

I had a Dove Chocolate Party with some of my friends and we asked questions to our friends and found out this was really fun for any type of party.  My kids even wanted in on the action and I was able to find some for them to answer.  Trivia Party Starters even makes a set for kids.  So people of all different ages can enjoy these napkins.

Here is sample questions from my Celebrity Trivia Pack:

How long was Bernie Madoff’s jail sentence?  What was the longest sentence in history?

Who played the Tool Time girl on “Home Improvement”?

While I did not know the answer to the first question, I did to the second because Home Improvement was one of my favorite shows to watch.  So you see why I chose this one to show you.

Here are the answers:  

150 years; the longest sentence was 7,109 years given to a postman in Spain for failing to deliver 43,000 letters.

Pamela Anderson/Debbie Dunning

So if you are looking for a new way to get guests talking then you should check out Trivia Party Starters.

They cost $5.99 for a pack and you can see the different categories by going here.

Now here is the fun part of my review.  I get to giveaway 2 packs (of your choice) to 2 winners.  All you have to do is like Triva Party Starters on Facebook.  Make sure you let me know in a comment below that you have entered and also let them know on the FB Page that you came from Mom’s Point of View.

The contest will end this Friday June 8th at midnight.

*Note I was not paid for my review.  This is my honest opinion of the product above.



  1. Liked them on FB! What fun napkins 🙂

  2. I like them on facebook!
    nbellowsdove at gmail dot com

  3. They are great to get the conversation going when the party first starts! They are irresistable!

  4. What a wonderful review and the napkins look lovely.What an easy way to mingle strangers at a party!
    Love that!

  5. these are awesome. I liked them on fb and said you sent me. 🙂

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

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