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Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Running | 0 comments

The Color Run

This past Saturday the 14th I ran The Color Run 5k.

One of my friends from church ran it with me. My girl is in the background with her little baby girl in the stroller 🙂 This is our before picture…

After the run we waited for them to do the next color throw…

I ran two 5ks before this one and my time was 40 mins.  I ran a 5k on my own and did it 36 mins.  My goal was to beat the 40 mins….and I did it!  I ran it in just a little over 35 mins! Here is our after picture.

We saved a few packets of color that my hubby got when they were tossing out free stuff and let the kids toss it on me. (The two year old was sleeping.)

This is after the kids got me…

I had a blast during The Color Run!  I do however have to mention my dumbest move ever…I was not the smartest person after my run.  I did not drink enough fluids.  I was so sick.  Just a warning people please remember to drink plenty after your run no matter how short of a run it may be.  We went to pick up my boys from my parents and had a few other stops along the way.  My mind was not on taking care of myself like it should have been.  The feeling did not hit me for a few hours after we got home. I have learned my lesson for sure though because I stayed sick until the next day.  Bad, Bad Terri!


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