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Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Pin it Tuesday | 0 comments

Pin it Tuesday:

Today’s Pin it Tuesday is about Date Nights.  Every time my husband and I want to go on a date we have no idea what to do.  We almost always go out to eat but after that we have no idea what to do.  Going to the movies is not always an option because a lot of the time there are no movies we want to see.  So a lot of the time we just end our night and go home.  We just had a date night the other night and I wish I would’ve thought about checking Pinterest for some ideas.  We ended up going out to eat and then to the bookstore.  The bookstore idea was actually really nice.  I got a new book and some workbooks for my 3 year old.  All of it was on sale.

So for those of you who are like me and my hubby, here are some links to date night ideas.  Not all of them are ones where you need to go out.  Some are ones to do at home. Just click the picture below to go to the ideas.




What do you all do on your date nights?


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