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Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Mother's Day | 0 comments

Mother’s Day for a Country Girl

Being a country girl these are some of the things I would love for Mother’s Day.

So here are some things this Country Girl would love:

A cute pair of rubber boots! Yes I would love some rubber boots.  I want to be able to wear some boots outside and just spray the mud right off.  I am either in the garden or in the barn with the bunnies and chickens.  Needless to say there is always some kind of poo I step in. These cute boots can be found on Amazon Prime for $27.07.  There are different styles and sizes so that make a slight difference in price.  Also the reviews seem to be really good. These can also be bought at Walmart.  A little more expensive and not as many styles.

This is so cute!  I would love to be able to take my gardening stuff with me.  You should see me carrying all my stuff by hand.  This would make life so much easier.  Also it would be a great place to keep my seeds.  I actually carry my seeds in my pocket.  Can you tell I am new to gardening?  This cute set can also be found on Amazon Prime for $19.99.

Garden gloves.  I actually have these.  I bought them because when I was using the big garden tools I would get splinters from the wooden handle.  I got them from The Dollar Tree.  So of course they were only $1.  I was not sure about gloves because I don’t mind playing in the dirt with my bare hands.  This is why I got them from The Dollar Tree.  They are holding up pretty well so far.  I have had them a couple of weeks.  I have the blue ones with the pink flowers.


So what is on your Mother’s Day wish list?


I will be posting more ideas soon.






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