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Posted by on Sep 5, 2013 in Blog, Homeschooling | 0 comments

First day of homeschool and a surprise

The kids were so ready for their first day of homeschool.  They had no problem jumping right in and doing their work.

They actually finished all their work before lunch time except for reading.  So we told them they did such a good job we would go out to eat for lunch.  I told them to grab the books they were supposed to read and we would read some in the van.  They grabbed their books and we went to get lunch.  We started eating in the van and told them we would go for a drive (I packed a bag ahead of time for where we were going.)  Our drive was about an hour trip.  Our 10 year old noticed a sign and spoke up saying she knew where we were going.  She then whispered to her 7 year old brother.

So here was their surprise…

Needless to say we were called the most awesome parents ever!

So how was your kids first day of school?


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