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Posted by on Aug 11, 2017 in Blog, Church, Homeschooling | 2 comments

Back to School…..Nope I want Time

Yeah we don’t go “back to school” because we homeschool.  Every year I see the same posts over and over again about parents being so happy that their kids are going back to school.  Moms will be in a pool with a wine glass while their kids are looking sad with their backpacks on. Parents jumping for joy in front of their kids with their backpacks on.

My question for everyone is this really how you feel?  Three months of summer with your kids and you are ready for them to leave your side.  Is it so terrible to have your kids with you that when school is back in your first thought is “Finally I get to be alone!”  I know these photos are just for fun but it makes me wonder how many people out there just can’t stand to be around their kids for a long period of time.  It saddens me.

I have seen parents post “Oh my gosh it is the first day (or a couple of days) of the summer and my kids are already getting on my nerves.  I think that means today the world needs to spend MORE time as a family.  Find out why your child is driving you crazy…do they want attention from you? Do they want to do something but you don’t take the time to listen to their wants because it sounds like whining? What is truly going on with your child?


Being a family is the most important thing in this world and doing stuff with your family is important.  While homeschooling isn’t an option for everyone there is the option to always have Family Time. Set aside time to be with your family, take away electronics and just be together. Let the kids get mad about no electronics, and watch how the time spent with them soon changes.


I am blessed to always have my kids with me.  I am thankful that I can homeschool them and that we get to do things others can’t do.


We can read scriptures and pray without a school telling us we can’t do those things.  We can go on vacation while kids are still in school.  If we want we can start school at 11. (We actually start scripture study around 8.) We can do so many things that school children can’t do.  Also my favorite part of it all, is the TIME I get to spend with these nuts…


While homeschooling may cause tempers to flair, work to stop, and so much more craziness to happen, the best thing is our family will always love each other through it all.  I am so very blessed to have them at home with me and spend time with them.




  1. Terri Walsh well said….This is an awesome article, your children are so blessed to have you home school them,and keep them out of all the crazy that happens in public school!!

    • Thanks! I really enjoy having them with me 🙂

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