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Posted by on Jan 11, 2013 in Family Friday | 0 comments

Family Friday

I know I have not been posting much at all about my family lately.  It has just been so crazy.  My husband was off for about 3 weeks during Christmas so we were very busy.  We finally got everything from our old house moved up here at his Gma’s.  We have built a chicken coop because we are going to get a few chickens from my dad.  My hubby built some shelves in the garage to hold some of his junk.  We will be getting a dog probably on Sunday because my cousin’s family can’t take their dog where they are moving.  My daughter has been wanting a dog since we have moved to the country so this has her and the boys very excited.  So as you can see life is busy and I have pretty much taken Fridays and spent them with my family instead of blogging about what we have been up to.

Here is a picture of our chicken coop.  We built it onto an old barn that his Gma had.  We still need to build the boxes for the chicken to lay in.

So by the time this month ends we will have a lot of animals…a bunny, a cat (that was Gma’s), a dog and some chickens.  If my daughter had anything to do with it we’d have a horse too!  She has been begging but her dad said not any time soon!

So what kind of animals do you all have?  Where do you live? In an apartment, subdivision, country, city…etc.



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