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Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in Dr. Seuss | 0 comments

Dr Seuss Ideas Part 1

In our house we love to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.  His birthday is tomorrow March 2nd. So I have gathered up some ideas for each book that we have.  (Well the ones I can find that are not packed away.) Here are some of the ideas that you can use too!

Dr. Seuss’s ABC book:

For this book I am going to make it simple.  I will have the kids act out some animals or things that start with the letter of the alphabet.  We will also find words around the house that begin with each letter. Here  is a printable that you can use. I just wrote mine down on a paper.

The Foot Book

The ideas:  Trace everyone’s foot on a piece of construction paper and put it together to have you own family foot book.  My other idea is to take a shoe and trace around it on colorful construction paper. You might want to use an adult shoe.  Do 4 colors and 6 of each color.  You can play it like a twister game but just use your feet.  “Left foot, red” or “right foot, blue.”  If you have a twister game you could tape the feet over the corresponding colors.  We do not have one so instead I will cut out the feet and tape them to the floor.  I will make a card for the feet and a color.  I will put it in a bag and draw out where they should put their feet.

One Fish Two Fish…

This is a easy one to do.  You can have rainbow gold fish for snack.  My kids love that!  We will also play a fishing game.  Cut out a fish pattern from red and blue construction paper. You can see my fish here.  I just drew and cut out by hand but if you need a pattern you can go here.

Put paper clips on your fish. Find a stick and tie a string to the end of it.  Add a magnet to the end of the string so you have a fishing pole.  Have the kids fish for the fish 🙂  If you don’t have a string or magnet.  Hide the cut out fish around the house and let the kids search for the fish.

Great Day for Up:

My idea here is pretty simple.  Make a hot air balloon out of a paper plate.  You can find the idea here.

Go Dog Go:

I am pretty excited about this idea.  Coming up with ideas can be hard sometimes.  This one I think the kids are going to love!  Find a printable dog mask.  I wasn’t able to find any I liked so I just drew one myself.

Hole punch some holes on each side and add a string.  Let the wear their mask when you play stop and go! I made a sign I could hold up as well.

I hope you like these ideas.  I will be posting more ideas soon!




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