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Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in Book Review | 0 comments

How to Raise Happy Kids (Book Review)

I had the opportunity to read the book How to Raise Happy Kids.  The biggest goal in my life is for my children to be happy.  I was not a happy child, I was physically and emotionally abused.  I was a quiet child who lived in fear.  It is really hard for me to remember any moments in my childhood where I was actually happy.

So while reading this book it made me happy to realize that my husband and I do almost all of the things suggested in this book.  We praise our kids, we teach our children to serve and have compassion for others, we let our kids make mistakes and let them learn from the mistakes.

This is a great book to read and learn from.  There are tips and ideas on how to make your child happy.  While I am sad my childhood was not a happy one, I am thankful to know that my children’s will be.



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