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Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Blog, Book Review, Review | 2 comments

Cookies & Stories: The Perfect Bite In Ten Minutes (Book Review)

Cookies & Stories: The Perfect Bite In Ten Minutes is written by Sweet Dooly, grandmother is who is funny and has her own blog. I was not aware of the blog but I will be checking it out very soon. She writes her blog in Hebrew so you just have to hit a translate button to get it in English. The Ebook though is written in English and is one of the best cookbooks I have read in a long time.

Dooly is so darn funny! I love how honest she is in her stories that go with each recipe. Most of the time she tells you that she isn’t in the mood when someone asks her to make something but she always gives in. Especially to her prince and her granddaughter princess Mia. Can I say that I want to be like Dooly? She has inspired me to want to write a cookbook like this. I am sure I won’t publish mine but at least get one written down for my kids.

Her recipes are very simple and easy to follow. I have yet to make something from the book because I can’t decide what to make first! Everything sounds so yummy! Now don’t worry when you start reading the book and realize the measurements might not be in the same terms you are used to. There is a conversion chart at the beginning of her book. That makes it super helpful.

So if you are looking for a different kind of cookbook that has easy recipes then I suggest trying out Cookies & Stories: The Perfect Bite In Ten Minutes Ebook! #cookies&stories

*Note I received this ebook for a discounted price for my honest review.





  1. Thank you so much Terri!
    I felt honored to read what you wrote. OMG Thank you so much!

    • You are very welcome! I hope to read more of your books in the future!

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