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Posted by on Feb 4, 2015 in Blog, Whovian Wednesday | 0 comments

Whovian Wednesday!

As I sit here getting ready to spill my guts and let you know I am a Whovian my internet dies.  Is that a sign? LOL! Maybe it is a sign I should be traveling around in a blue box that is bigger on the inside. I found Doctor Who on Netflix years ago when we were at our old house.  I don’t think it was when it first came out, but I found it and decided to watch it. I am not talking about the very first Doctor Who… I am talking about when it started with number 9. Three episodes in and I decided I hated it! It wasn’t until last year that my husband decided that he would get the first series and watch it.  When he told me I was pretty irritated with him. He said everyone said it was such a great show.  I rolled my eyes and told him there is no way it is good.  I told him I watched the first 3 episodes and hated it.  It was so dumb!

Well I was the good wife and decided I would watch it over with my hubby and see what he thought.  He seemed to like the first episode…I still thought he was nuts.  I mean come on fighting plastic people.  Then you had the next episode about the end of Earth.  The last human she got on my nerves.  Then I will admit episode 3 freaked me out.  Ha I still laugh at that one now.  I got scared of the dead people.  Yes really I was scared.  I am not sure when my turning point was through the episodes but I do know I fell in love with the doctor.  I have loved each one of them…though  I am still trying to like Peter Capaldi but I think I will get there.

So my life got turned upside down and I became a Whovian.  I have made crafts, I have watched all the newest episodes and will watch the older ones as well…..I even have a shirt.  As they say…


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