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Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Blog, Essential oils | 0 comments

Essential oils

So I have not come out in the open about Essential oils so I figured I would today.  Honestly I didn’t want people telling me try this oil brand or try that oil brand.  This is the best one!  Blah blah blah…

I have tried different brands and I have used them for different things.  At first I was unsure if they would be any help at all.  I have had each brand work for me so far.  As far as which one is the best I have yet to say.  I have tried Doterra oils, Young Living oils, and then some brands I got from the Melaleuca site.

The ones I got from the Melaleuca site are cheaper that is for sure but in all honesty I don’t want to pay for the membership for Melaleuca when I really don’t have much I want to buy from there.  Not that they are not a great company but they are just not for me.

Doterra is actually the first oils I got.  A friend of mine told me about how they helped her family.  So I started of with the 3 basic oils…peppermint, lemon, and lavender.  I was having so much trouble sleeping that I was hoping that the lavender would help with it.  My sleep was so bad that my doctor actually gave me Xanax to help me sleep on days where I really needed sleep.  His fear was me getting addicted to it.  I told him not to worry because I hate taking pills.  I really do hate it so that is why I gave essential oils a try.  So to my amazement the lavender worked!  I went from not being able to settle down and taking over an hour to fall asleep to being asleep within a good 10 mins.  I went back to my doctor and he was shocked that I did not want a refill on my Xanax.  That was my huge start on getting more oils to help with other issues I had. I still use Doterra oils.

Young Living was the last oil I have tried so far.  Do I like it?  Yes I do.  I have gotten oils such as Stress Away that smells amazing and does exactly what it says.  It helps with stress.  Purification is probably my favorite oil because it helps to make things smell clean and pure.  When you have kids who like to wear shoes without socks and it kicks the funky smell, you know you have a winner!  I also had a thing of milk in my van that leaked.  YUCK! I cleaned it up really good and then sprayed a mixture of water and Purification on it.  It never got a funky rotten milk smell.  I was worried about that because another friend of mine pretty much had the same thing happen and it took a long time for the smell to get out.

So there ya go.  Essential oils are helpful.  Are the a cure all and fix all?  No, but they can help.  This is just my honest opinion on essential oils.  They work different for each person. If you are willing to try something new though I would recommend essential oils.


*Also please buy them from the company because I have heard that Amazon has them but the people that are selling them make the prices higher and the oils may not actually be pure.  Not knocking Amazon just the people who try to rip you off selling on there.


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