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Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in Blog, Church | 2 comments


Oh I am sure that I am going to have some people hate me for this post but it is something that just recently hit me while at church this past Sunday.  Well it hit me a while ago but the need to write about it is now. Are we letting electronics take over?  Are we using them too much?  I think the answer is yes.  As I sat in church this past Sunday I noticed all around me that almost everyone was on some kind of electronic device.  A phone, a kindle, a surface, a tablet…etc.  The list goes on and on.  Do I think these electronic devices are awesome?  I sure do.  We have come such a long way in our technology.   It is pretty amazing.

 I didn’t really care about computers much when I was growing up.  My dad got me one (let me tell you now it is old school) to type on.  I had no Internet, no games (except what came on it which I think was solitary), no office, or really anything.  I didn’t even do anything with Internet or a computer until I my husband and I started dating.  Now we have computers, phones, a Kindle, laptops, and a Surface. Sometimes I think all that stuff is the best thing since sliced bread.  My kids learn a lot and I use those devices a lot for homeschool. The kids love it but I have a love/hate relationship with electronics.

I think there is a time and place for electronics…Here comes the part where you may hate me.  In public school there should be no cell phones allowed in a class room or anything electronic except a computer.  If you are in a class that must use a computer then that is okay by me.  Ohhhh I can almost feel the hate if any teens read this.  I never had a cell phone when I was in school and I survived just fine.  Instead of texting I wrote back and forth with my best friend in a journal.  We wrote to each other during times when it was okay.  Such as during a study hall or when we were finished our work.  Then we passed each other in the hall and handed off the journal.  If it wasn’t a journal it was the old school notes folded like this one below… Yes some of my friends and I had crazy nicknames for each other.  That is how we rolled. haha. Old school peeps…old school. The funny thing if you think about it, is that we are in our 30s so in reality we are not that old.  Kids today think we are.

Next as we continue the hatred for me talking about where not to have electronics.  Let’s talk about date nights.  Most of the time I leave my phone in the car when we go in for a movie, dinner, or anything else we have planned.  My phone isn’t the best at taking pictures anyway.  Do I have my husband take pictures or tag us where we are…yes I do!  Is it dumb in the long run? Maybe but I want to have memories of us being out together when we don’t get many date nights. (Plus my hubby has a very bad memory so he has gotten used to taking pictures so he can remember what we do.) I think it is more important that we put away cell phones and just talk.  About 98% of our talks end up being about the kids. Yep our kids are always on our minds.  The rest will be about work, friends, or what we want to do next.  Now guys (okay some girls too) don’t hate on me because of the next thing I say. This may not be what you want to hear.

(Found this picture when I did a google search thanks to who ever took it)

Oh yeah guys you see the picture.  Don’t hate on me.  There seems to be more TVs in restaurants lately.  I get it guys/girls don’t want to miss the big game or what ever show you are wanting to watch. If your spouse isn’t into sports or any other show you may want to watch then try to avoid those places all together.   If you want to see a game when your spouse doesn’t please do not go to a place with a TV.  This is a bad choice for a date night unless your spouse loves the same thing and doesn’t want to miss it.  If you both like it then go ahead and plan a date night like that.  You will probably have a great night.  If one of you doesn’t like this then try not to go where a TV is.

We have gone to a place with a tv.  Of course one of us will have the view of the TV that is behind the other person’s head.  Sometimes it is hard to not look at it when it is pretty much right in your face.  This makes it hard to focus on each other.  I hate when that happens.  I do love though that my husband isn’t into sports so most of the time the TV won’t be a distraction to him.  Sorry guys/girls I am just against having a big TV at a restaurant.

Last my thoughts go to church.  Like I said that was the reason for the post I am writing today.  I know some of you don’t go to church but my thoughts can apply to any function that needs to have your full attention and not an electronic device in your hands.

We really rely too much on these devices to entertain our kids during church.  (Yes we have been guilty as well when the kids go completely nuts.)  I was amazed at the amount of kids that were on a phone or some other device.  I even noticed a few adults as well on their phones.  I could say they were doing church related things on these devices but I know not everyone was.  We should teach our kids that they don’t need electronics during church.  Why don’t parents bring church magazines, coloring pages, books, pictures or other things that are church related?  I try my best to find things church related but I also fail and bring things that aren’t.  It is important for us to teach our children how important church is.  Even during the parts that they think are boring. If you are a teacher let your kids look through any of your books that may have pictures in them.  I pack a bag that is just for my kids to go through and get stuff out that will entertain them.  If you sit near me I am happy to share what I have.

See I don’t have all church stuff.  Star Wars finger puppets I made…yes I am thinking of making church related ones as I type this.

I also think teens or preteens should not have their phone (or any device) on them at all during church.  Parents take them away!  Who do they need to text during church?  They do not need to Facebook or Tweet during church.  They also will play games and not pay attention to their teachers.  This is not fair to the person who took the time to prepare a lesson for the kids. If parents take away the phone then it makes it a lot easier on the teacher who doesn’t want to fuss at a child for having a phone in the first place during class.  Your teens may hate you at first but hopefully they will learn what they need to and understand it is not a punishment.  It is for them to be able to learn what needs to be taught.

Please don’t hate on me too much.  I just feel that we use these devices way too much.  I am guilty as well and I plan on changing that.  I hope you will take the step with me and try to use them less.

What are your thoughts on electronics? Yea or nay?




  1. Terri,
    It’s so funny that you mention this. It was also brought up in Relief Society on Sunday.
    I have the same opinion as you but I have to confess that my two oldest are included in this problem. I have fussed at them over and over but can’t seem to get through to them. They have their own plans so I can’t do but so much, I guess. It just makes me so disappointed that they aren’t listening and taking in the amazing thoughts in the talks that are being given.
    I just pray that Crystal doesn’t pick up this bad habit.
    I’m just grateful to know that I’m not the only one feeling this way.

  2. That is funny Tina because I am never in RS since I am in primary. It is hard to get older kids to want to listen to you. Some think they know more then their parent. It happens. My guess is Crystal won’t. Start now with her and I am sure she will be just fine. Makayla knows it won’t happen with her. I will take her phone away if she ever gets one. I told her she gets her own phone when she can pay for it. Until then she can use mine if she needs to. All this stuff truly takes away from the spirit and what is being taught.

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