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Posted by on Aug 25, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Dot & Dot Travel Duffle Bag (review)


I wanted to try out the Dot & Dot Travel Duffle Bag for a few different reasons.  I like having duffle bags when I pack an over night bag for my kids and I also wanted a new bag to take to the gym.


I like that this bag can be folded into a nice little circle that you can store when not in use. That helps to save some space when you are not in need of a bag.  When you want to use it as a duffle bag you just unzip the zipper and pull the rest of the bag out.  It is all together so no extra bag is used to store it.


The duffle bag also comes with a strap that you can use or just the handles.  I prefer the strap so I can throw it over my shoulder and go.  It is great that you can just un-clip the strap if you prefer just the handles.


I was surprised at the heavy duty material that the bag is made out of.  I feel like I can pack heavy things in it and it would hold up to the weight.  Not that I plan on putting a heavy weight or bricks  in it.  So until we start homeschool gym I will be using this as an over night bag for my kids. #GymBag


*Note I received this product for a discounted price for my honest review.


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