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Posted by on Feb 8, 2017 in Blog, What's Cooking With Makayla | 2 comments


Makayla cooking

Hi! I am Makayla, I’m the thirteen year old daughter that Terri always mentions. I love to cook, among many other things and today my mom said I can start blogging about my cooking.

I don’t like many desserts but I do love cheesecake! So last month I decided to make a cheesecake from the recipe in the inside of the Philadelphia cream cheese box. For this recipe I had to make my own crust, which did not turn out well. After it cooked I realized that the cake wasn’t really stuck to the crust. When I cut into the cheesecake the crust was stuck to the pan I used. It was a mess! Another problem was that I had decided to cut the recipe in half twice to get only four servings because not everyone in the family likes cheese cake.  I had done well with making the recipe smaller.  Then after I tasted it once it was done, I realized I hadn’t cut the sugar in half (or half again) at all! I had enough sugar for a sixteen serving in a four serving pan! It was really sugary!

After a week or two we bought more cream cheese and an already made pie crust.  Having the already made pie crust made the crust part more easy but my mom thought we should find a new cheese cake recipe as well.  So she went on Pinterest and found a website called with a three step cheese cake.  Making this cheese cake recipe is super easy and tastes really good.  I have done it twice now and plan on doing it forever when I make cheese cake.

The first already made pie crust cake I made was a regular cake with some chocolate chips decorated on top of cool whip. I placed a strawberry put on each slice after  it was cut. Get the recipe here.

The second cake I made was an Oreo cake! I used an Oreo pie crust and crushed the cookie part of some Oreo’s on the top of the cake.

16602595_10154330219885318_8108886862807697171_n                                                                                    c987fa82-beb7-465c-932b-dfa2399bc66d_1.fa96bf0872445bd16df6a88ce117dcd2

The next cheese cake I make I want to try a chocolate swirl on top!


  1. Great job Makayla for writing this article and for baking! Your pies look yummy sure wish I liked cheesecake you make it look very yummy. Keep up the great work and blogging!!

  2. All looks great Makayla great job blogging and I love that you learned through your mistakes!!

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