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Posted by on Aug 12, 2013 in Blog, Running | 0 comments

Another use for Pro Compression sleeves

You all know that I LOVE my Pro Compression sleeves.  They are probably the best thing I ever spent money on.  Well I now have a new reason for wearing them… Charley horses!  Have you ever had one of those?  If so you know they can be the worse pain ever! If you haven’t had one before…lucky you.

One night a few months back I got a Charley horse.  I had not had one in about a year.  I was laying in bed and I stretched and felt my muscle tighten.  I knew it was getting ready to happen.  Sometimes I can stop the stretch before my muscles tightens into a Charley horse.  I was not so lucky that time.  Right after I worked the evil cramp out of my leg I remembered that I read Pro Compression sleeves help with blood flow.  One of the main causes of Charley horses is poor circulation.  I grabbed my sleeve and put it on.  It almost never fails that when I wake up after having a Charley horse I can not walk right because my muscle is so sore.  Well the next morning I took off my sleeve (I wore them until I woke up) and it felt like I had never had a Charley horse at all!  I was amazed!  Woohoo for my sleeves!

So last night was another night where I felt my leg cramping but I was able to stop it.  I put my sleeve on so I could help the blood flow.  My kids know when I have my sleeves on that I am going to run but they were confused today when I was just wearing one.  Of course they knew something wasn’t right.  I just told them it helped my leg from getting a cramp.  So if you are like me and get leg cramps a lot you should try using sleeves.

*Note this is my honest opinion of the product above.  I have not received compensation for my review.


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